Kevin Devine has always had music in his life. Growing up in a household with very eclectic tastes in music he heard everything from Soul music through to Opera and Celtic music. He started to follow this interest by writing music in his early twenties and becoming a DJ in clubs and bars in Scotland. After joining the ranks of TV Presenters on both the BBC and ITV networks he continued his interest in music becoming a radio and Club DJ, with a presence on air and in clubs all over Scotland, with residencies in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Now it is time for people to hear his music instead of him playing other people’s tunes.

Kevin Devine became a network Broadcaster with BBC1 Television, in 1991, after viewers voted him their favourite, in a competition to recruit a new presenter to the long running consumer series That's Life!. After queuing all night on the streets of London to get an audition Kevin was the first of 2,000 applicants for the post.

Out of a possible seven final candidates, he polled over 35% of the total number of votes cast by the 12 Million Viewers, in the first of the televised phone in competitions.

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